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engagement session in cold spring


Hudson Valley Engagement Photographer

May 17, 2020

Engagement Location in the Hudson Valley

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, The Hudson Valley is a hotspot! From quiet towns, to bustling spots with craft bars and wineries, to wildlife and mountains, the Hudson Valley is quick getaway for any couples who want to escape NYC or visit!

Andddddddd, it might just be the spot for your perfect engagement session!

Whatever you’re thinking, whatever you’re envisioning, there’s a good chance that the Hudson Valley can accommodate the look you want!

Want to learn more to schedule your engagement session? Feel free to reach out say ‘hi’ and let’s get you set up! Xoxo, Summer

Cold Spring, NY

Do you enjoy antique shopping, small cozy restaurants, and a ‘Norman Rockwell’ type Main Street?

Cold Spring is the place to go! Couples who decide to use Cold Spring for an engagement session often want a lovely blend of natural settings along with some smalltown chic feels!

hudson valley engagement in cold spring, ny
At Cold Spring Harbor State Park.
couple enjoy a romantic kiss along waterfront
Along the waterfront on Main Street.
romantic engagement in hudson valley
Along the River’s Edge.
main street candid engagement
Along Main Street.

Beacon, NY

Would you like somewhere a little more artsy?? Are you craving unique shops, boho spots, and lots of visual appeal?! Welcome to Beacon, the little city with lots of life!

Not only is there tons of great nooks & crannies located all over Beacon, but if you have the time, be sure to enjoy some of the many eateries, restaurants, and shops all in close proximity!

along the rail tracks in beacon
Along the railtracks in Beacon.
dancing along main street, Beacon
Main Street Dance.
long dock park engagement
Over at Long Dock Park.
Long Dock Park engagement session.
Brief shower along the waterfront.

New Paltz, NY

Hip stores, amazing restaurants, and scenic views overlooking the Shawangunk Mountains?? Yup, it’s New Paltz!

New Paltz has that small town feel while delivering big on locations that are gorgeous! For couples who want something that feels isolated and has views they may not see in New York City, New Paltz has some awesome spots that can deliver!

Shawangunk Mountains in New Paltz.
Engagement session along the Shawangunk Mountains.
Historic bridge for New Paltz Engagement session.
Historic bridge along New Paltz Rail Trail.
New Paltz engagement session mountain views.
Views in New Paltz.
Corn field engagement session.
Corn field located in New Paltz.

Other Info:

Learn more about Cold Spring, NY and see if it’s the right spot for your session! Feel free to check out Beacon, NY too for more info! Or head over to info on New Paltz to see more!

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