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Minnewaska State Park: A Surprise Proposal

May 19, 2022

Minnewaska State Park | May 2022

Getting engaged has come a long way since the traditional ‘get on one knee!’ Guys have gotten more creative and it’s not uncommon to hire a photographer to capture the moment! So when I got asked to help out with a surprise proposal, I was on board!

Jack reached out to me wanting to stage a proposal for his longtime love Autumn! Knowing how much he hates taking pictures, Autumn was under the impression that they would be enjoying a ‘normal session!’ Full disclosure: not having to hide and and sneak around definitely made my job easier! But keeping the surprise was still a challenge!

I suggested Minnewaska as a spot to enjoy the moment. Scenic views, a gorgeous sunset; I knew that it would be perfect to help set the stage. Jack agreed and we set a date!

The Actual Proposal

On the day of, the sun shone and Jack dropped off the ring ahead of time. Not having to hide it would make a difference and help keep the surprise alive!

We met in the parking lot and chatted about taking pictures! Autumn ( totally unsuspecting) was excited to finally have professional pics and was ready to be able to finally print something for their home. We hiked to the best part of the park (in my eyes) overlooking the water and took some test shots to get warmed up!

With the ring tucked in my camera bag, I waited till the moment was right. Having rehearsed the moment, I mentioned needing to ‘change my lens’ as his cue to get ready and hug her. Whispering words of endearment as a way to distract Autumn, I pulled out the ring and walked it to Jack as he hugged her. I backed away, set my camera, and he got down on one knee.

The emotion was there and Autumn cried in surprise. Capturing the moment, I quietly worked around them to not intrude on it. Between the sun beginning to set, and the moment at hand, these two couldn’t have asked for a more memorable sunset!

If all proposals go like this one did, I may need to expand my scope of work to include them! This was as memorable for me as it was for them and I was humbled to be a part of it in some small way!


Location: Minnewaska State Park | Photography: Wicked Petunia Photography

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