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3 things You NEED to KNOW when hiring a Hudson Valley Wedding Planner

April 27, 2023

1. The Elephant in the Room: Budget!

Weddings are not cheap! When it’s time to figure out how to plan your perfect wedding, you want to hire the right Hudson Valley wedding planner! As a general rule of thumb, you can expect to spend about 15-20% of your estimated wedding budget on a planner. While that cost may feel scary, hiring the right planner can help save you time, stress, and ensure a smooth wedding day! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a stress free wedding day?

2. Check Their Portfolio!

In theory, a good wedding planner can handle any type of wedding! But more often than not, wedding planners tend to find a niche that suits them and they become ‘experts’ in that type of wedding. From minimal elopements that require hiking, to elaborate tented weddings, don’t be afraid to ask your potential planner for samples from their portfolio to see if they’re a good fit for your wedding!

3. Hop on the Phone with The Wedding Planner!

This goes without saying: hire a wedding planner (or any vendor for that matter) that fits your personality! If you’re a detail oriented person who enjoys creating lists and a breakdown of everything, you’ll appreciate a planner who micromanages every last detail! Vice versa, if you’re a laid back sort of person, you may appreciate the planner who is take charge but has a casual demeanor! So hop on the phone with them. Ask them questions. Provide them with details about the wedding you’re envisioning to see if they style and personality is a good fit!

Your wedding should be a happy day. Filled with lots of love and laughter. Taking the time to vet the right Hudson Valley wedding planner will help ensure that your dreams of a perfect wedding comer to fruition!

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