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An Intimate Wedding in the Hudson Valley

November 18, 2020

Hudson Valley Elopements

A Rebirth on Weddings

During this Pandemic, the shift in the wedding industry has been real! And not necessarily in a bad way either! For those embracing something smaller in the Hudson Valley, the shift for smaller weddings has developed into something beautiful too!

Yes, you need to restrict the number of guests who attend! But for those who want an intimate wedding, or an elopement, going smaller wedding also means new opportunities! It means you can personalize your wedding differently! And in a way that still reflects who you are without compromising quality!

A Shift towards more Details…

Who says you need to spend a ton of money on formal centerpieces when you can develop an intimate table for you and your guests?! Forget oversized centerpieces with no character and try embracing smaller scale that is both elegant and whimsical?

details for elopement wedding in hudson valley
hudson valley wedding details
details for intimate wedding
wedding tables at intimate wedding in white plains new york
intimate wedding in hudson valley

A Break Away from Tradition…

Your wedding ceremony is a perfect time to showcase that emotion as you potentially recite vows, have friends and family join in on the fun, and/or do things just a bit differently.

And not for nothing, having a smaller guest count usually results in ceremonies being more intimate and emotional as you say your ‘I do’s in front of only a handful of guests. There’s something to be said by having only your closest peeps there!

couple enjoys intimate wedding in saugerties, new york
groom gazes at his bride in elopement
bride gazes at her groom in elopement
elopement in hudson valley
catskill elopement
couple shares a laugh during intimate ceremony in hudson valley
couple has a laugh during hudson valley elopement ceremony
first kiss for saugerties elopement

And those Portraits!

Forget the timelines! And forget the long list of formals shots! You and your wedding photographer can develop a custom wedding experience that captures you both in an artistic way!

How often will you actually have a chance to spend as much time taking portraits?! Most traditional weddings means having to stick to strict timing! When you go small, you also gain the gift of flexibility! So enjoy it!

elopement kiss in white plains, new york
elopement candid in hudson valley
couple shares a dance during elopement
raw moments during elopement in hudson valley
fun candid of couple after intimate ceremony
couple is happy after saugerties elopement
kiss during hudson valley elopement
toast after intimate wedding in saugerties
elopement detail shot
happiness during portraits after elopement
couple toasts after their elopement

Other Info!

For more info or to see if I’m the right wedding photographer for you, visit Summer Barnhart!

Venues Seen include a Private Residence and the Saugerties Steamboat . Vendors included: Hudson Valley Floral, Mod Creative.

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