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What Should You Ask Your Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer!

February 1, 2021

3 Things You Should Ask Your Photographer!

I’ve shot enough weddings to know a thing or two about how a wedding day goes! And while I always try to share that insider knowledge with my couples, I recognize that not every photographer does that!

Let me share 5 things you may want to ask YOUR wedding photographer as you look around!

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1. What role will YOU play??

If that sounds weird, let me explain! A lot of photographers will show up to a wedding and shoot whatever comes their way. But a good photographer will be invested in making sure that they’re fitting in everything YOU want! They will work with you to develop a timeline for your photography needs on the day of! That way, you’re working together to make sure you get what you want! Your photographer can work through the timeline while you’re present (and enjoying yourselves) on your wedding day, knowing that she (or he) is doing their job!

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2. How do you Shoot?

That may sound like a seemingly simple question, but it’s not! There’s a clear difference between a photographer who embraces a ‘documentative’ approach to shooting, versus a photographer who embraces a ‘fine art’ style.

Someone who shoots a wedding in a way that is documentative will shoot everything as it transpires. Or is shown. So if your getting ready suite is messy with leftover water bottles, food platters, clothes, and hangars, expect to see those in your getting ready shots. A photographer who is documenting your day, shoots ‘as is!’

A photographer who embraces a fine art style, will stage those candids so that they are as clean and polished, and allows the viewer to enjoy the moments without all the mess. Is it less authentic?? That’s for you to decide! But it’s a clear indication of what type of gallery you can expect to see when it comes time for your wedding day!

Three Things to Help You As you Find the right Wedding Photographer

3. Can You Show Me Full Galleries from Previous Weddings?

This goes without saying. What you see via a photographers website/IG/Pinterest profile is essentially the best of their best! Be sure to view full collections to see what an entire wedding day looks like! The same goes for engagement sessions! You want to make sure that their work is consistent across the board!

You ALSO want to make sure that your photographer is skilled enough to shoot your wedding! While photography itself is a subjective preference, a lot of photographers will use work from styled shoots and as a second shooter to build their experience and portfolio. You know the saying, ‘You get what you pay for’? It’s true. Expect to spend more with a photographer who is more experienced!

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At the End of the Day…

It’s up to YOU to figure out who’s the perfect fit for YOUR wedding! There’s lots of amazing photographers out there with a variety of styles! Check their reviews, look at full work, and talk with them before you make your decision! Because at the end of it all, your photographs will be the few things that remain for years to come. They increase in value over the years! So choose well my friends!

Xoxo, Summer

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