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Planning an Engagement Session in Westchester

February 16, 2021

How’s that Go?!

If you’re familiar with the Hudson Valley region, yes – Westchester County is a part of it! Buttttttttttt….unlike other parts of the Hudson Valley, Westchester can be tough to find locations for an engagement session! You may not want to travel hours for a location. And you may be hoping for a spot that will give you that ‘in nature feel!’

I’m including a handful of locations that may be a perfect fit! If you’re looking for something ideal, then read on! I’m including a small selection of spots right in your backyard!

engagement locations in westchester county: untermyer gardens

1. Untermyer Gardens

If you’re looking for a spot that has a slight European feel to it, Untermyer is the place to go to! Combining formal elements, iconic scenery, and greenery at every corner, Untermyer is a gem of a spot and a win no matter what the look you’re going for!

Do you need a permit to shoot? Yes! In order to shoot your engagement session here, you will have to signup for a permit (in hour increments) that can range from $200-450 depending on whether you’re a resident of the county. For more info: check out their website.

engagement locations in westchester county: teatown lake reservation

2. Teatown Lake Reservation

If you want something that feels like you’re in the thick of nature, Teatown may be your spot! As a 1,000 acre nature preserve, Teatown offers a wide range of secluded spots. With plenty of nook and crannies, you’re sure to feel like you’re dense in a wooded wonderland!

Yes, a permit is required to shoot here. In order to mitigate lost revenue from Covid, a fee of $150 is required for any session of up to 3 hours. FOr more info, visit their website.

engagement locations in westchester county: hudson valley

3. Rye Beach, Rye, NY

Want that beach-y look? Then head over to Rye Beach for a perfect location! You will definitely get the water look you might be dreaming about! Fun fact: with Playland located right next door, you can use that as a fun backdrop to the collection!

While you don’t need a permit to shoot, you will have to pay for parking, and a beach pass of anywhere between $10-25 (depending on time). For more info, head over to their website.

engagement locations in westchester county: glen island

4. Glen Island Park, New Rochelle, NY

Another location with water views, Glen Island Park is a perfect spot! With beautiful pathways and a view of the Long Island Sound, your engagement session will be stunning! Sitting on over 100 acres of property, the location comes with history (ahem a castle!!) that can be seen (and used) in your engagement pictures!

Being that this park is operated by Westchester County, a permit is required to shoot there. For more info, view the website.

engagement locations in westchester county: hudson valley photographer

5. FDR State Park, Yorktown Heights, NY

Even though the FDR park is known for a spot for picnicking, FDR can be a cool spot to shot at! There are trails hidden in this spot that can make it a perfect location for an engagement session! Nooks and crannies, and lots of greenery, you can find this spot to be ideal if you want a session that feels like you’re deep in a forest!

Although no permit is needed, guests have to pay for a car fee to gain entry! Check out the website for full info.

engagement locations in westchester county: riverfront park

6. Riverfront Green Park, Peekskill, NY

Want another idea for a spot with views of the Hudson River? Then the Riverfront Park may be the perfect place for your engagement session! From a small boardwalk, to trails (and more), the Riverfront can be a nice spot to give you a blend of nature with formal elements!

Best part? It’s free to enter and use! Just be sure to time it right as the park can get busy! For more info, check the website.

engagement locations in westchester county: blue mountain reservation

7. Blue Mountain Reservation, Peekskill, NY

Want another idea for a spot in Upper Westchester? Look no further! With over 1500 acres, Blue Mountain Reservation is an ideal spot with trails, hiking paths, and scenic views to boot! I may be biased as I grew up nearby to this area, but if you want wooded looks, variety, and views, this can be a perfect spot!

Like other parks run by the County, a fee is required to gain entry. For more info, check the website.

The Takeaway…

Regardless of where you choose, there are prime places right in your own backyard! Just be sure to do the research before trying to shoot your session!

Xoxo, Summer

(To learn more about Summer Barnhart click the link to learn more about wedding photography!)

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