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Where Can I Get Married in the Hudson Valley

March 24, 2021

The Hudson Valley

Every year, couples are discovering the Hudson Valley! They recognize that this gorgeous area is a stone’s throw outside NYC! And there are gorgeous venues that can easily accommodate any type of wedding! From opulence, to rustic charm, to high end or chic, there are lots of ideal spots to have your wedding!

I’m biased here, but I think the Hudson Valley is one of the most beautiful regions in the country. We get to enjoy all four seasons. We’re near major areas and cities. And most important, we have something for everyone – from the city dweller to the rural at heart!

When it comes time to finding the perfect wedding venue for your wedding, you have an amazing choice in venues. Enclosed are some the Hudson Valley’s top spots!

Popular Venues…

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Tarrytown, NY
Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Tarrytown, NY

For those craving a gorgeous venue closer to NYC, Blue Hill at Stone Barns boasts dramatic scenery, a chef in residence, and so many amenities! Widely recognized for its eco friendly menu and cuisine, couples who enjoy culinary masterpieces will quickly appreciate all that this venue has to offer! This venue is a perfect choice for couples who want elegance and an high end experience for their wedding!

The Roundhouse

The Roundhouse, Beacon, NY
The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls, Beacon, NY

Located in picturesque Beacon, NY, the Roundhouse is a historic spot overlooking a waterfall in the heart of Beacon. The Roundhouse boasts a hotel, two restaurants, and a gorgeous venue on location. Enjoy a combination of rustic elements (like aged wooden beams), along with industrial elements incorporating metals and modern design. Popular for many NYC couples looking to wed somewhere not too far outside of NYC, this venue is a prime location to have a wedding!

Cedar Lake Estate

Cedar Lake Estate, Port Jervis, NY
Cedar Lake Estate, Port Jervis, NY

Couples looking for the perfect blend of nature and high end charm know that this is the ideal choice to have their wedding! Centrally located in the Hudson Valley, Cedar Lakes Estate incorporates amazing scenery, lake views, and a gorgeous indoor space to create an ideal spot with a little of everything! Best part is that with cabins to utilize and rent, your guests can enjoy a home away from home while enjoying your wedding!

The Garrison

The Garrison, Garrison, NY
The Garrison, Garrison, NY

Nestled on a golf course and offering spectacular views of the Hudson Valley, the Garrison is a gorgeous venue with high end service. Combining excellent staff and a modern site for hosting weddings, the Garrison has long attracted couples who want a venue that embodies the Hudson Valley! Regardless of when you have your wedding, the Garrison is a lovely site for weddings all year round!


Glynwood, Cold Spring, NY
Glynwood, Cold Spring, NY

From amazing views to a history rich in culture, Glynwood boasts a healthy blend of old with the new. Located on more than 250 acres, the site also runs a non-profitable charity that preserves their history of producing sustainable food. Many couples use the space yearly to host gorgeous high end weddings, and the site continues to be a beautiful spot with amazing architectural elements, lake views, farm views, and more!

Audrey’s Farmhouse

Audrey's Farmhouse, Wallkill, NY
Audrey’s Farmhouse, Wallkill, NY

Quietly hidden in Wallkill, NY, this sweet single story farmhouse (dating back to the early 1700’s), turned into a popular Airbnb! Somewhere along the way, Audrey’s Farmhouse also became a popular spot for couples. It’s an ideal venue for those who envision a perfect blend of rustic charm and elegance. Boasting a 3,000 square foot greenhouse, this site uses modern elements and industrial touches to give couples something different!

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