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Meet Your Wedding Photographer

September 2, 2018

Photography makes me smile. Wedding photography specifically makes my heart happy and provides me with a sense of fulfillment that I lacked in my previous line of work. I’m an artist first. I share my passion with couples by capturing weddings in a way that is classic, clean, and modern.

Wedding photography is where my path has brought me and I have zero regrets about it! From the initial inquiry to developing a relationship with each couple, my work is built around customer service as much as it is actually shooting.

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The Difference

There are a LOT of wedding photographers. A lot of good ones too! Where others may differ from me is that I consider myself a small boutique. It sounds cool to say but actually means more than that. Staying small means that each couple communicates directly with me. And only me. Staying small means that we develop a wedding timeline that is unique to your day. From shooting your engagement session to the wedding day itself, there is no outsourcing work or weddings, I handle it myself. I may bring a team member to second shoot it, but I’m always there.

I also personally handle all the culling and editing myself. I don’t outsource my editing and prefer to handle everything so that I can give each wedding collection my personal attention and love.

Your wedding means as much to me as it does to you and I spend time researching your venue, introducing myself and presenting whatever paperwork/insurance needed. The best part? You have my attention and will never have to wait a week to hear from me.

At the end of the day, I give each couple the service they deserve. And do it at a price point that makes sense and is not overwhelmingly expensive! Think that sounds like something that sounds appealing? Then reach out to me, I’m happy to talk and always receptive to my couples!


pinterest, wedding, photography, photographer, modern, classic, traditional, elopement, rustic, mountain, desert

Summer Barnhart is a published and award wining wedding & portrait photographer who travels both local and worldwide to shoot weddings for all sorts of fun couples. When she’s not shooting, she can be found either hiking the mountains in the Adirondacks with a bit of wanderlust in her eyes, or relaxing at home in the Hudson Valley with her family.

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Photographer, artist, mother, outdoor lover, inspired by movement & motion, good light, and you.

I 'm a wife and mother. I love lazy Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee. I prefer nights on the couch with my family but also enjoy craft beers and apps in a swanky bar. I love being outdoors and I'm eternally grateful I get to experience all four seasons! I dig personal touches & homemade items over commercial goods. Admittedly, I also love shopping on Amazon Prime.

When I'm not in the Hudson Valley, you can find me enjoying time up in the Adirondacks at my second home. I find myself drawn to nature and the world we live in and often let it act as my muse when shooting.