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romantic engagement session at lake minnewaska, hudson valley

Engagement Session

Brian & Julia at Lake Minnewaska, Hudson Valley

August 21, 2019

Lake Minnewaska, Hudson Valley

April 2019

Most engagement sessions start out relaxed! Often, I chat with the couple, we scout various parts of our location (lots of spots in the Hudson Valley!), and take our time! I like to play around with poses, go over ideas that I’ve been brainstorming, and we get our shoot underway! But Brian & Julia have a story to tell with their engagement! Not only did they have the wrong address for our meeting location, but the clouds above hovered ominously, with a serious storm was brewing!

romantic engagement session at lake minnewaska, hudson valley

My weather app let me know that we had an hour before heavy rains were due to hit us. I kept my fingers crossed because I wanted this to work out as much as they did! And I could see from their faces as they pulled up, that Brian and Julia felt the stress over having been lost for over an hour.

engagement session with hudson valley wedding photographer

With my super cheesy grin, I gave Julia a big hug. And let them know that we would still rock their session! I’ve been known to make magic, and this session was no different! These two killed it! Having such a strong connection for each other showed and they were able to relax with each frame we shot! Brian has a great sense of humor, and his uncanny way of joking around quickly put his fiance at ease!

engagement pictures shot at lake minnewaska, hudson valley, new york

And fortunately, the weather gods must have known that we needed help because it literally waited till the end of their engagement session to pour.

romantic snuggles during lake minnewaska engagement, hudson valley

While the circumstances going into this session may not have been ideal, this was one of my favorite engagements hands down! I enjoyed getting to know these two and look forward to their wedding day this fall! xoxo, Summer

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