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The Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2022

March 14, 2022

I’m sharing the top 10 hottest wedding trends for 2022! Whether you’re curious about what wedding trends are hot this year, OR you’re still in the throes of planning your big day, this list can be your perfect inspiration for planning a 2022 wedding!

1. Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings take the number one spot this year. We were stuck indoors for too long during the pandemic amid lock downs. So, outside in the airy, green spaces, is where brides want to be this year. Some ideas include backyard garden wedding parties with all the flowers and greenery, outdoor sandy
beach weddings along the coastline, and adventurous outdoor elopement locations. Outdoor wedding venue options and ideas are endless. (Note: it would be good to have a ‘what if rainy day plan’ just in case.) There are a lot of gorgeous outdoor wedding venues in the Hudson Valley, NY.

Green outdoor weddings can be held at the sustainable location Glynwood or the boutique venue of Red Maple
. Other popular venues that provide stunning views and top notch service include Cedar Lake Estates, Glenmere and The Garrison.

2. Bridgerton Inspired Regency

In close second place, as the hottest trend this year, Bridgerton-inspired regency. This series has been inspiring everything from ornate wedding cakes to dresses with fanciful style. The beauty and romance of this era has caught on in a big way. In particular, wedding dresses for 2022 are seeing an increase in
additional ruffles, puff sleeves, and bows. Brides want flounce and movement to their gowns. Gone are the more minimal wedding dresses of 2021, replaced with the regal romance of this airy fashion, giving the bridal gown some vintage romance.

3. Green Weddings

Green Weddings. From bridal fashion to food, women are seeking more sustainable options. People are more aware than ever before that they should do their part in having an eco-friendly event. Wedding couples want that organic touch, from the dried floral arrangements, the lab-grown diamonds, and bio-degradable leaf cuttings as confetti alternative. Some brides are even taking it a step further with a sustainable bridal gown. The pandemic set the trend for zoom weddings, bringing the save the date invitation to prominence. This style of invitation is still on the rise in 2022 as a popular greener option over traditional paper.

culinary institute of america wedding

4. BIG Parties!

The party is back with large wedding events, increasing in popularity once more. In fact, couples this year are going all out hosting adult-themed parties. From hiring magicians and portrait painters to turning the party into a complete playground experience. Some happy couples are devoting days to
hosting these abundant and dazzling once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It’s all about having fun after lock downs while sharing a part of who they are as a couple.

5. Bright Colors

Bright dopamine colors are making fashion waves this year. Setting the stage for weddings filled with splashes of bold and vibrant, colorful details. From the napkins to the florals, adding bright jewel tones is huge this season. Nowhere is this trend more prevalent than in the bridesmaids’ dresses; no longer are they muted colors; brides are opting instead for floral prints to bring a touch of romance to their big day.

6. Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes designs are changing from the semi-naked versions of last year to ornately decorated. The drip style of frosting and metallic colored icing adds to the opulence. Brides and grooms are looking for cake flavors that are meaningful to share with their guests. Gone are the traditional flavors of white, chocolate, and spice-cake. Replacing the old standards with cake flavors that hold nostalgic meaning for the couple. They may choose a champagne iced cake to remind them of their first date. Or perhaps a birthday cake flavored offering that was their favorite as a child. The couple is bringing a bit of
individuality to the wedding details.

7 & 8. Pearls & Bows (Tied!)

We have a tie! Pearls and bows are making a splash this year on the wedding scene. Many brides are opting to have pearl jewelry on their big day and, if it’s vintage, even better. In addition, pearls can adorn the bride’s footwear and veils. Bows have always been a popular part of decorations. Whether wrapped around a potted plant or the base of a candle, the gauzy fabric bows give way to delicate, decorated floral fabrics. Bridal gown designs have an array of bows this year. Bows are a romantic, cute, or vintage touch for gowns.

9. The Intimate Wedding

Big wedding receptions may be perfect for some couples, others though are still opting for a more intimate affair. During the pandemic, there was a need for smaller events amid restrictions. Maintaining popularity with brides and grooms. With a smaller, intimate gathering of a few close-knit family and friends, the experience can be a magical time.

10. Fur Babies!!!

fur babies at catskill wedding

I’m excited about this one because I love these couples! At number ten of the top wedding trends for 2022 is the inclusion of the happy couple’s fur-baby. That’s right – fashionably dressed canines and felines are appearing at the biggest events this year. Doggy wedding fashion and engagement announcement signs are a key element to add personalization. Each special family member brings a bit of fun and excitement to the happy couple’s day.

At the End of the Day…

2022 is seeing more people bring their individual tastes to their weddings! I hope you enjoyed reading and found some inspiration. Remember, it’s your day! You should celebrate it your way because you are creating lifelong memories and they should be as beautiful as you!

For those wanting to learn more about Summer and Wicked Petunia Photography, reach out to get more info! xoxo

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