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What You Need to Consider Before Hiring Your Hudson Valley Wedding Photographer!

May 3, 2023

Hudson Valley & Catskill Weddings

Congrats on securing your venue! You’ve set a date and have your space! Now you’re ready to find a vendor team that can help bring your vision to life!

There’s a good chance that at the top of that list will be booking a wedding photographer to capture your day! And with good reason! Your photos will be one of the few things that gains value over time. Long after your wedding has played out and as years’ pass, having those precious memories will be something you can always look back on! Hiring the right wedding photographer who fits your needs is an important task then! The following is a basic guideline to consider before hiring your wedding photographer!

what to consider when hiring a wedding photographer in the hudson valley

What to Consider in Your Pricing:

Wedding Coverage

Think about what it is you want from your wedding photographer! Will you be having a formal wedding that includes the need to travel from a getting ready location, to church, and then finally to your reception? Or are you enjoying your wedding at a venue where you will be doing everything there? These things are important to consider as you think about how many hours you need!


Are you okay with meeting your wedding photographer on your big day? Or do you think you would benefit from having some experience with your photographer ahead of time? Often, a wedding photographer will share that an engagement session is more than a photo opp for you; it’s the chance to connect with you ahead of your big day! And of course, it allows your photographer a chance to see how you connect with the camera and get a sense for posing that may or may not work!

Second Photographer

If you’re having a small affair with a handful of people, the chance of needing a second photographer may not be important. But if you’re having the big wedding, there’s a good chance you may want to consider a hiring a wedding photographer who includes a second set of hands!


Think about what you want to do with your images once the day has come! Are you looking for just a digital collection or are you hoping to have an album made? Wedding photographers offer different tangibles as part of their pricing – popular tangibles include wedding albums, prints, cards, canvases, etc.

What to Consider that’s Equally Important

Edit Style

This part is easier said than done! As much as you enjoy seeing all the wedding inspo pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, it’s time to consider what style you want! Are you someone attracted to a dark and moody vibe? Light and bright? Or true to color?!

Why is this important?!

At the end of the day, you want to remember that these pictures are meant to last you a lifetime! So be sure that you like what you see! While embracing certain fads may feel ‘cool,’ consider how the edit style will look in 20 years!

Shooting Style

Just as important to consider is what type of photographer you want! Do you want some who embraces more of a documentary style approach to shooting weddings?? This type of photographer will act more as a ‘fly on the wall’ while shooting! Or do you feel like you would do better with someone incorporates a fine art approach where they set up a lot of the shots and posing? Or are you looking for a healthy blend between the two?!

There is no right or wrong answer! You can book whomever you want, but knowing what you want will help guide you as you reach out to potential wedding photographers! Whatever you choose, the goal is always to love your pictures!

what to consider when hiring a wedding photographer in the catskills

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